надмірне споживання алкоголю шкідливе для вашого здоров'я


"LISPI" LLC. produces 13 kinds of packaged pasteurized beer under the trademarks of “Sich” and “Dusha Pivovara” with the shelf life of 60 days:

Light beer with Original Gravity of 11% and Alc. 4,2% Vol:
“Zhigulevskoye”, TM “Sich”.
“Zhigulevskoye new”.
“Zhigulevskoye special”.
“Light”,TM “Dysha Pivovara”.
“Zaporizka sich”, TM “Sich”.
Light beer with Original Gravity of 12%, and Alc. 5,5% Vol:
Light beer with Original Gravity of 13%, and Alc. 5,2% Vol:
“Premium”, TM “Dysha pivovara”.
“Medovoye”, TM “Sich”.
“Moskovskoye”, TM “Sich”.
Half dark beer with Original Gravity of 13%, and Alc. 4,8% Vol:
“Chumatskoye”, TM “Sich”.
Light beer with Original Gravity of 16%, and Alc. 6,1% Vol:
“Mitzne”, TM “Dysha pivovara”.
Beer is produced according to the classical technology from natural ingredients, without the use of preservatives, antioxidants, dyes. The company provides itself with high-quality malt which produces in the own malt shop from the best varieties of barley.
The quality and taste of our beer have won recognition among lovers of beer throughout Ukraine. Most kinds of beer have won medals at international competitions. In 2019 beer “Medovoe” TM “Sich” won the gold medal at XXII International competition of beer, non-alcoholic, low-alcohol drinks, mineral water, and brewing malt.
Types of packaging:
• 0,5L glass bottle,
• 1L plastic bottle,
• 1,5L plastic bottle,
• 2L plastic bottle.
Implemented and certified at the enterprise
• Food safety management system GOST ISO 22000:2007 (Certificate № LC.078. FSMS 02-19 from 21.05.2019.)
• Quality management system GOST ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate № LC.078.FSMS 02-19 from 21.05.2019.)

Possible production of beer under your brand

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